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I see these numbers on my pokemon, but what the # $% @ are these numbers!?

First of all, english isn’t my native language. I apologize for the grammar errors.

Calm down, everyone that start playing Pokemon Revolution Online, seeing these numbers really gets lost and ends up don’t giving a shit, but those numbers further ahead make a significant difference in your pokemon. There are several types of Pokemon, ones that use more defense, other attacks and so on.

Let’s start by Pokemon Nature


Pokemon Revolution Online

There are several different nature that may come in a pokemon and each one change two attributes (excluding some that do not change anything), increases one attribute and decreases the other, follows a table showing what each nature does.

Obs.: If you have a pokemon that have Nature Adamant and the Ability Synchronize (50% to copy Nature) when you catch a Pokemon, it will come with the Nature Adamant. But you need to start the battle with him. That works with another Nature too.

Pokemon Revolution Online

For example: the Nature Adamant increases Attack however it decreases Sp Attack. Depending on the pokemon a nature will fit best in your attributes than other nature, let’s take an example of a Venusaur.

Tip: To see the best attributes of each pokemon visit the LINK and put the pokemon name in the search..

Pokemon Revolution Online

As you can see…the best attributes for a Venusaur are Special Attack and Sp.Def, then the nature Modest would be a good choose, nothing prevents you from choosing another, it depends on what you want.

Example of a pokemon with Nature Bold (DEF improves, but decreases ATK).

Pokemon Revolution Online


Pokemon Revolution Online

IVs are attributes called  “gene” (numbers in orange) they come with the pokemon and has no way to change them, they range from 0 to 31, where 31 is excellent and 0 is bad.

Thats why you see in the trade channel the difference in value of the same Pokemon being sold as the most expensive come with these best IVs, in the case of Venusaur, it would be interesting to come good IVs in Special Attack and Sp.Def attributes, but nothing prevents you from making a build with him that prioritizes other attributes, its up to you, but usually the best choise of  IVs are the pokemon best atributes.


Pokemon Revolution Online

EVs are the blue attributes that you win defeating a certain type of pokemon, these attributes has a limit of 255 points for each attribute and the total can not exceed 510. To find out which attribute each type of Pokémon will give to you, look this LINK

Best places to level up your EVs LINK

Below a picture of a pokemon that gives you Attack attribute.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Whenever you defeat a Ekans your EV Attack will earn 1 point.

Obs.: Using a Macho Brace on your pokemon it will give you twice more EV points, however loses pokemon Speed.

There are items that increase up to 100 EVs points, are Vitamins, each increases 10 points.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Decreasing EVs

You can decrease EV points using some itens like:

Pokemon Revolution Online

Each Berry decreases 10 points in each EV (Pomeg Berry decreases 10 points of HP EV). Some posts say that if you have EV above 100 points, the Berry will decrease 100 points and not 10, I tested on my Kadabra who had 216 points in Sp.DEF and did not decrease 100, lowered 10 only.

Places to find the Berries

A place where you can find them is in Viridian Maze, they grow again with time, follows images of the place

Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokemon Revolution Online

Images taken from post LINK

This is a basic guide. I hope it helps you with doubts about these attributes. If you want to enrich the guide, please leave a comment.

Videos used as a reference to this guide:

Link 01

Link 02

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Rating: 2.5. From 2 votes.
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